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Pictorial Guide to Recent PEZ Dispensers



Brand New- Updated 3rd edition! 



PEZ Collectors News has been bringing PEZ collectors the latest PEZ collecting hobby information since 1995. We have seen a couple PEZ books and many new PEZ dispensers since then. 

How well do you know your PEZ characters? We all know Santa Claus & Mickey Mouse. But can you identify the newer/recent PEZ releases? 

One our our purchasers just said; “Thank you for creating your newest adventure. I love it!  

Pictures are great. I am a visual learner, it works great for me! Good job! Thank you!”

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NEW 2017 Pictorial Guide to Recent PEZ releases- 3rd Edition!

3rd Edition-(released mid 2017)

This 32 page pictorial guide will help you identify most of the newer
PEZ dispensers. We joined the first two guides together and updated it with this edition… Plus when you use the checklist in our newsletter it is the perfect way to see what you are missing and keep track of your PEZ collection…….

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